Direct Detection of Hydrocarbons (oil & gas) from aircraft, ships  and soon, fleets of self-propelled, programmable buoys
Potential Energy LLC, with full knowledge of the mechanisms behind these micromagnetic anomalies, proposes to exploit these magnetic ‘markers’ by using high-resolution aeromagnetic and marine surveys for conventional oil & gas exploration and to provide complementary data for seismic guidance of optimal shale gas drill sites.
Use of these exploration tools and techniques should illuminate critical geologic features that aid in exploration for conventional hydrocarbons and for shale gas. Armed with the requisite knowledge and skills, this technology can be applied to more successful exploration for oil & gas and, later, for shale gas. The high price of oil, the need for more reserves and the fever pitch at which the energy industry is gearing up for shale gas, now in over 40 countries, makes the use of direct detection critical. The economics for shale gas, its more favorable characteristics as a fuel and abundance in surprising places all over the world are catalysts for applying micromagnetics as a tool and technique. Timing is perfect to exploit ‘direct detection’ of hydrocarbons.
Successful application is only possible through
  1   Incorporating knowledge of the true nature of such anomalies for proprietary field and interpretation procedures
  2   Airborne surveys over land use wingtip magnetometers on multiple carbon-fiber aircraft, the highest resolution aeromagnetic survey platform
  3   Marine surveys use both deep-towed high-res magnetometers from ships and from multiple self-propelled buoys for recon with one mid-ocean stationary buoy-based reference magnetometer for highest resolution marine magnetometer data
  4   Use of newly-developed picoTesla resolution magnetometers and utilization of much of this resolution
  5   A proprietary basis for processing such data, specifically for hydrocarbon plumes
While not providing drill targets by itself, this new detection method will identify prospects in frontier, extensions of existing and deepwater areas for oil &gas companies to commit for leasing, seismic and consequential completion services.  Such totally independent indications of possible presence and location of potential hydrocarbons might even be the key to a successful find. With this new method of direct detection, Potential Energy will establish services and products which unlocked a powerful means for efficiently identifying new reserves and by knowing where and whether to conduct seismic and supporting information for where or where not to drill. This technology thus represents a very valuable tool for oil and gas companies worldwide.
Dr. Sheldon Breiner
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